We need help!

This past month my Fiance has been diagnosed with late stage 2 Esophagus cancer. She has been dealing with this tumor since August of last year and that she needs help. The money can cover gas costs and food specifically for her as she can't eat normal foods and other health related things such as paying them for doctor visits. If you need more information:

Her post contains links dedicated to ways to support her, However incase if you don't want to go to Tumblr I will drop links in ways to support her.

You can directly donate just money to her Ko-Fi by Clicking this link

Her Ko-fi page

You can support her by buying her game on Itch.Io called "Ms.Director". This game has a steam release but buying on Itch you can support her even more by also paying more for the game on there aswell.

Either way you can support will be great as it will help with costs. Let's have optimism that this will all go well and that she can be Cancer Free. It would also help sharing this page around on other sites if you can, Thank you.